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Hi! I’m Matt, Founder of THERESA’S BLISS. I often get mistaken for the name of my business and get called Theresa quite often! But the story behind the name is one of witnessing illness and disease take the lives of family members and loved ones. This is where the name Theresa comes from.

I’ve often questioned if there is something we can do to prevent such loss before it’s too late. What makes most sense to me is the link between disease and diet. With the increase in illness and decline in the quality of food we consume, I can’t help but connect the dots.

Our vision is to restore the lost quality in our diets for the sake of both our present and future generations.

At THERESA'S BLISS, we're not just advocating for a change in diet; we're spearheading a movement to reshape how we perceive and prioritize our health. The emphasis on prevention over cure aligns seamlessly with the evolving understanding of healthcare.

Our dedication to making quality food accessible and appealing reflects a commitment to building a healthier future for everyone. It's not just a business; it's a transformative journey toward a more nourished and resilient society.

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Opening Hours for collection each Sunday

Sunday 2-4pm

1/210 West Avenue Wynnum 4178.

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1/210 West Avenue Wynnum


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