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What is the shelf-life?

The shelf life on our meals is 5 days from each Sunday. Meals are made fresh on site and placed in the cold room out the back. Meals are to be refrigerated but can also be frozen

Do you deliver?

At the moment we deliver on Monday mornings between 6:30-10:00am to surrounding areas. As we grow we will continue to find new ways to expand and bring our meals to all of Brisbane.

We ask if you have chosen for meals to be delivered that you have an Eskie or cooler bag in a safe location for one of our staff members to place meals into, just incase you may not be home to collect at allocated times.

What are your product guidelines?

Meals are to be re-heated. 2-3 mins in the microwave if fresh.

Meals are to re-heated 6-7mins if frozen.

Meals are to be re-heated 3-5min if using a frying pan/wok

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